Clubhouse Archives Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Clubhouse Archives 

Clubhouse Archives, Web3’s Brand & Marketplace    

Landing Site:   

Mint Site:   

Clubhouse Archives is a community-led, luxury fashion brand on a token gated marketplace, with the goal of providing high quality digital assets and physical garments tied to the blockchain for the Web3 community and beyond.  

Utility and Benefits  

Each genesis member will have exclusive access to the following services and benefits:  

  • Complimentary Garment: As a thank you for joining the community, all Membership Pass holders enjoy the benefit of receiving one complimentary high-quality garment.  The garment will go through a community-led product development process where material color, trim, and final aesthetic are all selected.  This benefit will only be available to individuals that possess a membership pass during a snapshot, at a time to be determined, when the community-led garment selection process begins. 
  • Seasonal Collections: All Membership Pass holders will have the first opportunity to purchase from the spring and fall Clubhouse Archives seasonal collections. 
  • Special Collections: All Membership Pass holders have first access to select Clubhouse Archives collections made in collaboration with other brands or projects.  
  • Voting power: All Membership Pass holders have the opportunity to participate in the product development process by casting their vote on colorways, trims, and overall aesthetics. 
  • Profit and Royalty Sharing Opportunity: All Membership Pass holders will have the opportunity to submit a KYC (know your customer) document and independent contractor agreement in order to participate in this additional opportunity.  Those inside the US will submit a standard 1099, and those outside the US will submit a 1099 equivalent.  Members will then be compensated for their participation in shaping the brand and identity of Clubhouse Archives and its collections.   
  • Access to Exclusive Events: Membership Pass holders have the first opportunity to attend Clubhouse Archives events, gatherings, and meet-ups.   


Our Membership Passes are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. The smart contract for these tokens can be accessed here.  The Contract source code is in a solidity standard JSON-input format.   

The mint includes:  

  • 1,880 Membership Passes (ERC-721) sold for $600USD in dynamic ETH equivalency at time of purchase.  
  • 80 additional Key Society Passes (ERC-721) have been allocated to advisors that helped develop the project pre-mint, with claimed tokens (gas fee only).   

1880 Membership Pass Features:  

  • The voting value for members is 25X per pass.  This means casting one vote will carry a value of 25.  Each member receives one vote per Membership Pass they own. 
  • Opportunity to participate in a % of sales and royalties of our clothing lines through US1099 or international equivalent and independent contractor agreement.   
  • Eligible to receive or purchase GarMint™ passes.   
  • Preferred access to all digital/physical clothing drops and events.   
  • Access to our token-gated marketplace.   

80 Key Society Members Passes Features:  

  • The voting value is be 50X per Key Society Pass.  This means casting one vote will carry a value of 50.  Only one Key Society token can be held per person. 
  • Opportunity to participate in a % of sales and royalties of our clothing lines through KYC 1099 or international equivalent and independent contractor agreement.   
  • Eligible to receive or purchase GarMint™ passes.   
  • Preferred access to all digital/physical clothing drops and events.   
  • Access to our token-gated marketplace.   

GarMint Passes™: A separate pass which allows a member to co-design a garment with the designers of the Clubhouse Archives team. Participants may use, but are not limited to, the intellectual property (IP) from the their respective NFTs portfolio.  This garment may be digital, physical, or both depending on the tier.    

  • Tier 1 Pass (claim + gas) – Allows a member to design a digital garment with the designers of the Clubhouse Archives team that can be used as a profile picture (PFP), and can be converted into a digital wearable.   
  • Tier 2 Pass (Cost TBD) - Allows a member to design a digital garment with the designers of the Clubhouse Archives team that can be used as a PFP, converted into a digital wearable as well as production of the physical garment.    

Business Plan   

The Mint   

We are currently selling 1880 Membership Passes in a public mint for $600USD in a dynamic ETH equivalency at time of purchase. Our mint will stay open for a minimum 30-day period while we monitor progress.   

Our strategy during the initial sale of the Membership Passes:    

  • Clear and consistent communication of our business model and value proposition in social messaging via Web3 and Web2 platforms. 
  • Consistent appearances on spaces, podcasts, and media both in Web3 and Web2. 
  • Partnership acquisitions to create further awareness of the business. 
  • We reserve the right to close the mint at any time.  If there are tokens remaining, we may keep some in reserve and/or burn the balance.   


Our post-mint plan begins with the distribution of KYC 1099 (or international equivalent) documents and independent contractor agreements to all Key Society and genesis pass holders.   We will allow an adequate timeframe for these documents to be filled out and returned.   Once this process is complete, we will launch our online Clubhouse Archives Marketplace.  The site is token-gated and includes a minting platform, user profiles, and a voting area for product development.       

The Complimentary Garment - Our First Community-Led Product   

We will collectively work on our first product as a community, the “HODL” Crew Neck Pullover Sweatshirt.  The product will then be developed and produced upon approval.  The community will be updated throughout with images and information to better understand and be a part of both the design and manufacturing processes.   

The First Collection - By and For The Community   

Upon delivery of our complimentary garment, the community will begin work on a small men's and women's collection (SKU count TBD) that we will sell to the broader Web3 community.  Our Membership Pass holders will have preferred access to these products at launch, and/or may receive exclusive pieces for members only.     

Long-Term Vision   

Our plan is to continue acquiring partnerships with Web3 native and non-native brands, artists, and projects with the intent to create and sell high-quality products in collaboration with their branding.  We will explore creating stock products (large quantity units to stock and ship) for the brand to drive revenue in the native Web3 space.  We will also look at opportunities to expand our distribution through traditional commerce and e-commerce channels.  An example of this would be an exclusive collection for a department store. Above all, we will continue building brand equity through product category expansions, strategic partnerships, and business development.     

Use of Membership Pass Funds   

  1. 80% will be put into the treasury to continue funding the future of the project.   
  1. 20% will be allocated and distributed to pay back start-up expenses including business formation, trademark, smart contract generation, minting site, auditing, deployment, marketing, PR, and general operating expenses.     

Partnerships & Collaborations   

Brand Partnerships  

The business will develop and form partnerships and collaborations with Web3 native and non-native brands, projects, and artists to create high-quality garments.   

We have already announced our first partnership with LinksDAO (, a global community of golf enthusiasts in Web3 re-imagining the modern golf and leisure club.  We are working with their membership to create high-quality golf apparel and merchandise for their community.   

We are actively working on and seeking new partnerships to provide further value for our membership and the collective Web3 community.   

Technology Partnerships  

CrossMint™: In an effort to onboard non-native newcomers, Clubhouse Archives has partnered with Crossmint™ to provide credit card processing and purchasing of NFTs through a custodial-wallet solution.  With this integration into our minting platform, users are able to submit a name, email address, and credit card information to purchase NFTs. ( 

Smartseal™: As a business, we aim to propel the Web3 community forward by introducing technology partners that enhance the customer experience in new and exciting ways.  Our partnership with Smartseal™ represents that goal. Smartseal™ technology enables NFT authentication through an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip sewn into each garment.  This allows physical garments to be tied to their NFTs and verified on the blockchain.  An example of this application could be the use of clothing as an exclusive access pass into an event. ( 

Style Protocol: The business has partnered with Style Protocol to deploy fashion and wearables across multiple meta-worlds to be used by players and users.  Using their "Decentralized Metaverse Exchange" (DMX), virtual fashion, wearables, and all NFT assets can automatically be made usable in multiple worlds and metaverses.  Information on specific metaverses is TBD. ( 

The Fitting Room: 50% of online purchases are returned due to fit and, if you’re like most people, your body doesn’t always fit generic sizing (which isn’t even consistent across brands). That is why we are partnering with The Fitting Room. They offer a unique environment that replicates the real-life shopping experience online. Try on pieces virtually with your true-to-life 3D avatar to see exactly how each garment will fit and fall. This will eliminate the guess work by matching your body measurements with the appropriate size in our garments. This is projected to be available in Q4 of this year.  (  

The Team   

James CostaFounder / Designer   

22 years of experience in the design, development, and production of men’s and women’s apparel collections.   In charge of concept design for men, 3D skinning of men and women, and day-to-day executive manager.   



Web3 StevenChief Operations Officer 

10 years of experience in organizational leadership and operations planning and execution. Responsible for synchronizing marketing, partnership, and manufacturing efforts. 


Giorgia BettioChief Marketing Officer   

14 years dedicated to Marketing and Project management. Photographer and content creator. Guiding the marketing effort from strategy to daily operations. 



Steve Kaczynski (NFTBark), Chief Cultural Officer   

15+ years in marketing and communications, leading multiple disciplines at Fortune 500 and multinational companies. Wrote the first Harvard Business Review article about NFTs and cofounded an NFT media company. Drives the culture within partnerships and public-facing efforts for Clubhouse Archives 


Sam WattersonSales & Partnerships 

20+ years in sales & marketing with world renowned organizations. In charge of managing accounts and their connection with Clubhouse Archives NFT.