Inside The Clubhouse - Edition 8

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Happy new year everyone! 

The holiday season hasn’t slowed us down, so here is your TLDR for the past 2 weeks:

  • Our Founder James Costa continues the chip shots of “Why Clubhouse?” in parts 3-5! Listen to Part 3Part 4, and Part 5!  
  • A great episode of “Inside the Clubhouse” with BigBucks and MamaBucks! These two leaders have founded an incredible art and storytelling company, EraLor, and have such an incredible story to tell! 
  • Our weekly twitter space "Inside the Clubhouse" is now a podcast.

Keys to Success  

From our weekly Twitter Space “Inside the Clubhouse” this week we want to celebrate the story and achievements of our Key Society members BigBucks and MamaBucks. Their professional storytelling series and podcast audio dramas will transport you back in time with original characters, vintage fashion, and fictional tales that embody the strength of the human spirit. Their NFT project, ERALôR is creating a new era of storytelling, one that blends nostalgia with the modern technology of web3, with the mission to:

- share characters, art, stories, and experiences that stir feelings of gratitude, nostalgia, and human connection.

- design an NFT project that strikes a compassionate, human connection between holders and reconnects to the beauty of everyday, real life.

- break web3 out of the hustle and grind by offering a more grounded, balanced, and realistic expectation of what the NFT space can be.


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Here is a visual flashback to our #whatifwednesday designs of 2022, we’ll knock on the doors of more communities in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

Genesis Pass 

There are still Genesis Passes out there for sale on secondary, but the mint is closed! The remaining tokens will be sold in conjunction with partnership activations in 2023! Check out our whitepaper for fundamentals of the Clubhouse brand.

Inside The Clubhouse Podcast

inside the clubhouse podcast

We are very excited to announce that our weekly twitter space with our Key Society members, airing every Tuesday, is now also a podcast. The Interviews that Steve (Twitter: @NFTbark) is conducting are way too inspiring to let them live only inside the twitter archives.

Every Tuesday one of our Key Society members shares their personal and career path, how they got into Web3 and their views of where we are all headed.

Check out our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or Google Podcast, and join us tomorrow: our next guest will be Lakoz, our Chief Strategy Officer.