Collaborate With Us

to make your vision come to life.

At Clubhouse Archives, we specialize in transforming your apparel and merch concepts into tangible, high-quality items that resonate with your brand's unique identity. Whether you're looking to create individual styles, exclusive capsules, or launch an entire collection, we're here to turn those ideas into reality. Here is how:

  1. Contact Us:
    Begin your creative journey by reaching out to us through our website, email (, or any of our social media channels. We're ready to hear about your project and how we can help bring your concepts to fruition.
  2. Consultation:
    Schedule a consultation with our team to dive deeper into your ideas, design preferences, and overall goals for your custom merchandise. This step ensures that we fully understand your vision and can align our expertise with your expectations.
  3. Design Concept:
    Collaborate with our talented design team to develop concepts that truly reflect your brand's ethos and identity. Our goal is to create designs that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that the final product is something you're proud to share with your audience.
  4. Quotation and Agreement:
    Once we've solidified the design concepts, you'll receive a detailed quotation covering all aspects of the project, from costs to timelines. Upon agreement, we'll sign a formal contract that outlines all terms, ensuring transparency and trust throughout the process.
  5. Production and Delivery:
    With the designs finalized and the agreement in place, our team will commence the production of your custom merchandise. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and timely delivery, keeping you informed every step of the way until your unique apparel or merchandise is ready to be unveiled to the world.