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Inside the Clubhouse Update - Feb 1st

TL;DR of the past 2 weeks at Clubhouse: A great episode of “Inside the Clubhouse” with Lakoz and Greg Mike, complimentary HODL sweater, collaborations, new Key Society members and more.

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Inside the Clubhouse - Update jan 19th 2023

Bi-montly recap of everything that is going on with Clubhouse Archives. Partnerships, business and product development, giveaways and much more. a TLDR of the past 2 weeks to catch up with what you missed.

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5 Reasons Why Digital Fashion Is The Future

Digital Fashion is the new frontier of digital transformation. It combines virtual, augmented and digital realities with artificial intelligence, algorithms, and big data to create products that are dynamic, interactive, and connected. 

The best part is — you don’t need a team of technology specialists or coders to start integrating digital clothing into your workflow! Digital Fashion solutions are software platforms that make it easier for brands to integrate dynamic elements into their clothing designs. These tools combine multiple software programs into one seamless experience so you can get started quickly with little fuss. 

Here’s why you should too... 

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What Are Non Fungible Tokens and Why Will They Be Important in the Future of Fashion?

Fashion and digital tokenization are two concepts that have become buzzwords in the tech space. With the rise of blockchain, decentralized networks, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is a growing recognition that these technologies will change how people interact with products.

Fashion will be one of the primary beneficiaries of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected world because it’s an industry where branded goods sell almost exclusively on their image and reputation. And NFTs will play a huge role.

 What are non-fungible tokens?

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