Inside the Clubhouse - Edition 9

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Here is your TL;DR of the past couple of weeks in Clubhouse:


  • A great episode of “Inside the Clubhouse” with Lakoz and Greg Mike! Lakoz is Clubhouse Archives Chief Strategy Officer and has an incredible story about his experiences in marketing, his athletic prowess, and minting his glitch Moonbird! Greg Mike is an artist and experienced business leader with an amazing story! Look for all our episodes on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or  Amazon Music
  • The HODL sweater fabric manufacturing is complete and samples are on the way! We’ll start taking your orders next week!
  • A big partnership announcement with an exciting Web3 business! See below for more! 
    HODL sweater web3 fashion NFC chip

Keys to Success  

Kyle Riggins Key Society Clubhouse Archives web3 fashion NFC chip

Our featured #KeySociety members are incredible leaders in our Space! There will only ever be 80 of these “Keys” to Clubhouse Success. Each member receives 1: 1 custom digital garment that they feel represents them, and express anything they want to communicate.

This week Kyle Riggins, Key Society member #70, and Won Kim, Key Society member #63, received their 1:1 tokens. Kyle went for a bomber-style jacket, while Won Kim chose an NYY hat with a personalized touch.

We are thankful for both Kyle and Won Kim. As each and every key Society member they bring very different talents and skills into the Clubhouse family. Kyle is 

Won Kim is a Co-founder at Bored Room Ventures with another of our Key Society members, Josh Ong. Bored Room Ventures is a consulting agency and NFT fund that partners with brands to strategize, build community and create impactful moments in web3. They also just started a new podcast on Twitter, which had a ton of people tuning in during the very first episode on January 26th, when these two speak, the community listens.

Another great daily podcast is “NFT Lunch Break” with Kyle. Every day from 12 to 1 pm, Kyle and JWeb cover everything that is hot in the NFT space, there is no better place to be always on top of the NFT game and developments.

Won Kim Key Society Clubhouse Archives web3 fashion web3 fashion NFC chip


We announced it on Discord, talked about it on The Mint Condition, and say it here – we are working with Forum3 (! We can not discuss the specifics of what we are working on, but we are allowed to share our excitement for the potential of what this relationship will mean. To summarize that excitement: LFG! 

Forum3 is a leading experiential loyalty company focused on building digital collectible solutions for consumers and brands. The company was created with the belief that Web3 provides the foundation for next-generation consumer engagement and loyalty and that everyone should have the opportunity to be a consumer, participant, member, and owner.  

Forum3 has recently closed its funding seed round with a total initial capital of $10M, with distinguished clients like Starbucks, The Boston Globe, and New York Times Bestselling Writer Ben Mezrich.  

Funding round

We are in the middle of a funding round. Our business plan has progressed and evolved very much in the past year, and now it is more solid than ever, and we project a business valuation after funding of $25M. 

Our vision has also evolved, and while the fashion aspect will always be one of our core businesses, at the same time we have expanded our horizons towards a broader product and service. This is only a sneak peek into what is happening, we’ll keep you in the loop as much as possible and reveal the whole plan very soon.


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