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The Clubhouse Archives

Welcome to Clubhouse Archives, a Luxury Apparel NFT experience pioneering Web3 commerce.

As a brand, we are launching the very first blockchain-born clothing line, which will be available first and foremost to our membership pass holders.

 As a fashion-focused marketplace, our team will be working alongside recognized brands, companies, Web3 campaigns, and more. We’ll help to strategize, design, produce, and launch physical bespoke luxury goods in limited runs on their behalf, while also minting a 3D NFT digital twin of their virtual apparel within our marketplace. Holders will also have first access to these phygital (physical + digital) pieces.

All membership pass holders will have early access and the opportunity to earn royalties on all sales. 

1880 Genesis Tokens

Bespoke Men's Collections

Bespoke Women's Collections

The GarMint™ Utility

The Marketplace

Clubhouse Archives NFT Web3 men women fashion luxury clothing

How It Works

Looking to understand the concept in more depth. Review our white paper here.


Road Map

We plan to be a seasonal business, so we have divided our road map into seasons.

The Team

Our team was strategically selected to allow us the highest level of success with respect to our long term goals and objectives.

James Costa

Founder & Designer

Apparel Veteran - Design, Development, & Production

Twitter: @ClubhouseArchives

LinkedIn: James Costa

Greg Mike

Senior Business Advisor - NFTs

Renowned Visual Artist & NFT Creator

Twitter: @GREGMIKE

LinkedIn: Greg Mike

Matthew Klein

Senior Business Advisor - Business Development

Successful Serial Entrepreneur 

LinkedIn: Matthew Klein

Marty Hackel "Mr. Style"

Senior Business Advisor - Fashion Direction & Golf Business Development

Fashion Direction Veteran

LinkedIn: Marty Hackel

Jaron Ross

Senior Business Advisor - Luxury Apparel & Goods

Luxury Apparel Veteran 

LinkedIn: Jaron Ross

Rob Bass

Senior Business Advisor - 3D Art Direction

 Renowned Visual Artist & NFT Creator

LinkedIn: Rob Bass

"The ability to build, create, and shape the future of commerce is truly an awesome experience."

The Visionary

"Clubhouse Archives facilitates a truly exciting convergence of multiple artistic disciplines."

The Creative

Clubhouse Archives is a celebration and journey through the events and moments that have shaped the game.



What are NFTs?

A non-fungible (meaning unique, non-replaceable) token (NFT) is a
unique digital code representing some digital item
. It could be digital art or music, for example. An NFT is secured and stored on a public blockchain. One token is not interchangeable for another, and a token cannot be further divided.

What Is A Crypto Wallet?

Crypto wallets store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and
accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How Do I Get A Wallet?

A self-custody wallet, like MetaMask, puts you in control of your
cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Non-custodial wallets don’t rely on a third party — or a “custodian” — to keep your crypto safe. While they provide the software necessary to store your crypto, the responsibility of remembering and safeguarding your password falls entirely on you. If you lose or forget your password — often referred to as a “private key” or “seed phrase” — there’s no way to access your crypto. And if someone else discovers your private key, they’ll get full access to your assets. 

Why have a non-custodial wallet? In addition to being in complete control of the security of your crypto, you can also access more advanced crypto activities like yield farming, staking, lending, borrowing, and more. But if all you want to do is buy, sell, send, and receive crypto, a hosted wallet is the easiest solution.

How to set up a non-custodial wallet:

1) Download a wallet app.  

In this example, MetaMask.

2) Create your account.  

Unlike a hosted wallet, you don’t need to share any personal info to create a non-custodial wallet, not even an email address.

3) Be sure to write down your private key.  

It’s presented as a random 12-word phrase. Please keep it in a secure location. If you lose or forget this 12-word phrase, you won’t be able to access your crypto.

4) Transfer crypto to your wallet.

It’s not always possible to buy crypto using traditional currencies (like US dollars or Euros) with a non-custodial wallet, so you’ll need to transfer crypto into your non-custodial wallet from elsewhere. 

Why Do I Need A Wallet?

Unlike a regular wallet, which can hold actual cash, crypto wallets
technically don’t store your crypto. Your holdings live on the blockchain but can only be accessed using a private key. Your keys prove your ownership of your digital money and allow you to make transactions. If you lose your private keys, you lose access to your money. That’s why it’s essential to keep your hardware wallet safe or use a trusted wallet provider.

How Do I Use My Wallet?

Crypto wallets range from simple-to-use apps to more complex security
solutions. The main types of wallets you can choose from include:

Paper wallets: Keys are written on a physical medium like paper and stored in a safe place. This, of course, makes using your
crypto harder because digital money can only be used on the internet. 

Hardware wallets: Keys are stored in a thumb-drive device that is kept in a safe place and only connected to a computer when you want to use your crypto. The idea is to try to balance security and convenience.

Online wallets: Keys are stored in an app or other software – look for one that is protected by two-step encryption. This makes sending, receiving, and using your crypto as easy as using an online bank account, payment system, or brokerage.  

When is the initial mint?

TBA two weeks prior to the mint.

What Does A Clubhouse Archives
Membership Token Do?

The initial tokens minted will allow voting rights, access, and participation for the holders in any and all Clubhouse Archives activities. This includes access to the token gated marketplace where further tokens may be purchased that include an extended utility for each.

How Many Tokens Will Be In The
Initial Mint?

A total of 1880 tokens will be available for a mint when we launch.

How Much Will They Cost?

Each mint will cost between .2 and .4 ETH depending on the price of Ethereum at the time of the mint.

Will I be able to purchase actual garments?

Yes, approximately 30 days after the initial mint, we will open our stores and release collections for the membership. These stores will include collections of NFTs in the form of 3D garments to be purchased as a wearable for their avatar (digital self), AND as an Italian-made garment shipped to the holders after it is produced. These garments will include scannable technology to provide special utility for the owners.

How long will it take for my garment to show up?

After the mint closes on a new collection for the upcoming season, the order will be placed with the factory in Italy, and the garments will be produced. This typically takes 90 days on average.

How are collections chosen?

Clubhouse Archives members will be the buyers for the upcoming season of the men's and women's collections. These collections will then be voted on by the members to ensure the voice of the membership is expressed.