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Inside The Clubhouse - March 31st

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TL;DR of the Past Couple Weeks in Clubhouse!

1. Our "Inside the Clubhouse" episode this week featured Michael Rippe! He is an experienced creative and technical builder in the space with ZKHoldem Poker, as well as in finance, marketing, and blockchain technology. You can find all our episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music!

2. The #KeySociety continues to grow in both number and quality, with amazing tokens revealed for NYCPunter and our Chief Marketing Officer, Gia!

3. The HODL sweater claim is now closed, and we are looking forward to getting those orders to our holders!

4. Check out a couple of recent episodes featuring our Founder, James Costa! He co-hosted "Choosing Digital Fashion" with XRCouture, discussed physical clothing on the blockchain with NFT365, and appeared on "FKED Up Conversations" with Faceiro, spreading the Clubhouse message far and wide!

5. Missed out on back issues of our Newsletter? Visit our Clubhousemedia page!

Punter Key Society garment blockchain enabled clothing

Keys to Success

Our featured #KeySociety members are incredible leaders in the space, voices of reason, and just all-around amazing people!


In this issue, we showcased NYCPunter, who is affectionately known as "Punter" throughout the space due to his background in the stock market and trading. He claimed KS#66 with an incredible zip-up jacket that is completely lined with all his GMs!


Gia is our Clubhouse Chief Marketing Officer and KS#51. She is an incredible teammate and ensures everyday that we are doing our best to get the Clubhouse message out to you! With deep experience in marketing, content production, project management, and an eye for photography, she works on everything from the strategic to the daily operations to make sure Clubhouse is seen and heard! Her beautiful lined jacket makes a statement!

Gia blockrockinbits blockchain enabled clothing


Inside the Clubhouse Podcast

Michael Rippe

Our latest "Inside the Clubhouse" interview featured an incredible Key Society member: Michael Rippe. He is an experienced financial leader, poker player, and tech innovator who is making waves with a new project that enables online Texas Hold'em poker on the blockchain with @zkholdem!

During the interview, he shared an incredible story of his time at Syracuse University, growing up in the finance world, and his approach to tackling tasks (he suggests making your bed first!) - a true inspiration! Check out here below what he says about discipline and health:

"And so I'm a big believer in discipline and trying things that challenge you because once you overcome a challenge and you create an accomplishment that you've achieved, you're much more likely to be able to do something else in similar fashion.

So for example, here's like something I've done my entire life. I make my bed every morning and you may laugh and you may say, oh, that's so easy, but like, think about all the people that don't do that. Or if you don't do that. But when you do that and you wake up and the first thing you did was make your bed, you've already accomplished something.

So you don't need someone else to tell you is that you can accomplish something. You've now created this discipline. Every morning you've accomplished something. So it, it allows you a little bit of mental fortitude to say, I could do something else. That's the way I like live my life.

I just want to touch on that, that morning. Uh, the workout or feeling better. I, I would implore every. Either listening, or whatever to take care of yourself. I post tweets here or there about when I'm in the gym.

I don't post them because I care to flex or I want people to, to think about me in any way. I just actually know that the benefits of you taking care of yourself, especially in a place like when you're in spaces and stuff in general, is so vastly superior that people give credit to, like, your health is your life.

Like literally. So for fortune, all that doesn't matter if you don't have health, like you gotta take care of yourself. And the easiest way is to start slow. It doesn't matter where, what, how you look. You can get to a place and your, your entire life will be significantly improved and, and better by just taking small steps, um, to take care of.

Discipline. It takes a lot of work. It doesn't come right away. It's different for everyone. These are things that I've molded and created over a long period of time. I've gone through plenty of the challenges myself. You don't wanna go there and there, but I promise you the sooner you start in the long term, it will just be better.

And one other thing, you don't even have to just go like, I'm gonna go to the gym cuz the gym can be boring. It's challenging. You don't feel comfortable, whatever. There's so many other ways you can start to take care of yourself. Let me just throw out these two little tricks that I always did when I worked in finance in an office.

I would mirror the time of the day to do something active. So every hour 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM I would match the time with pushups. So I do nine pushups at 9:00 AM I do 10 at 10:00 AM Okay? You don't have to do pushups. Think of something that works in your life and try to like match it to that other.

Just match the day of the month. Today we're on the 28th. Next month is a couple days away. I've posted this, I used to always say this on day one of next month, April 1st, just do something one time. Then the next day do it two times. Then the next day do it three times. Whether that's jog for a minute before you know it, after a month, you'll created discipline in your life and it won't even be that challenging cuz you'll start slow.

You'll ramp up and before you know it, you have a little program and you're off and running."

Listen to the full episode on Spotify

Look for all our episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music


blockchain connected clothing HODL sweater


HODL Sweater

We have some exciting news! Monday marked the official closing of the opportunity to claim the free HODL sweaters. However soon we’ll be accepting orders from ANYONE who wants to purchase the sweater. The price will be $50 for holders (you will just need to connect your wallet) and $199 for the general public. Being an holder will always guarantee you the best price in all future collection drops.

There will be some surprises and activations connected to owning the sweater, so if you have family or friends who want to explore the fun possibilities of web3 technology and own a tangible item related to it, please share the HODL sweater idea with them. Additionally, please remember that our general chat is open to everyone, including non-holders. It is a safe place for anyone to join and become a part of our community.

The sweater is now in production and will soon be on its way to those who claimed it! We are excited to get this first edition, blockchain-tech enabled physical fashion into the hands of our Clubhouse members!

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